The substantial in the culture of autologous cartilage cells.


Phase 1

Biopsatentnahme_1The cartilage biopsy is removed using arthroscopy. Approx. 250 mg of cartilage (6 pieces the size of a rice grain) are removed from a healthy area subject to less stress.

Phase 2

Biopsatentnahme_2The cartilage biopsy is placed in a special sterile biopsy tube that contains the liquid for transportation. For more protection this tube is packed in a sterile second larger tube.

Phase 3

Biopsatentnahme_3Approx. 100 ml of blood is collected in order to cultivate the chondrocytes in the laboratory and to carry out serological tests.

Phase 4

Biopsatentnahme_4The biopsy tube and monovettes with the patient’s chondrocytes and blood are placed in an insulated container for transportation. Together with the completed forms, the patient’s own biopsy and blood are sent to the laboratory within 96 hours of removal to begin the cultivation of chondrocytes.