Sometimes something essential is missing!
BioTissue, innovation against cartilage injuries.

Sometimes the necessary is missing!
BioTissue, technologies for cartilage regeneration.

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BioTissue, implants made of autologous cartilage cells.

Sometimes something essential is missing!
Bio-Seed®-C, the chondrocytes graft to treat joint cartilage damages.

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BioSeed®-C, the implant for cartilage repair in the knee, ankle, and hip.

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BioTissue, biological solutions for more quality of life.


One in four people is affected. Cartilage performs important functions in our joints. But once damaged, cartilage cannot regenerate itself. In these cases treatment is necessary to stop the damage worsening and to prevent consequences, such as the need for artificial joint replacement. Therefore it is essential to intervene at an early stage.

Nowadays, thanks to new technologies and years of scientific research, we can help joint cartilage to regenerate and to restore the damaged tissue. BioTissue treatments for cartilage regeneration are biocompatible, tissue-conserving and completely absorbable. The implant develops in the cartilage defect and integrates into the surrounding environment.

Do not wait longer! Consult a specialist for a diagnosis and choose a better quality of life.

BioTissue offers solutions for individual problems:


An autologous, cultured chondrocyte graft for the regeneration of knee cartilage injuries.