BioSeed®-C, the chondrocytes graft for joint cartilage repair.


BioSeed®-C is an autologous 3-dimensional chondrocyte graft which has been successfully used for many years to treat articular cartilage defects in the knee.

Articular cartilage cannot regenerate itself. Once damaged, the result is pain and loss of function. Treatment is absolutely essential to prevent deterioration in conditions such as joint disease.

Using a process called Tissue Engineering, we cultivate a patient’s own (autologous) tissue in the laboratory. This is done by taking a sample of tissue from the patient and then multiplying the cells. After 4.5 weeks, these cells are re-transplanted into the defective cartilage by mini-open or keyhole procedure.

BioSeed®-C replaces the missing tissue and restores the original function. It provides the chondrocytes (cartilage cells) with an ideal three-dimensional but stable environment which stimulates them to redifferentiate and thus assume their original morphology and function.

Features of BioSeed®-C

100% biocompatible

This has a crucial advantage over other methods of treatment, as a tissue graft from a patient’s own cells cannot cause a rejection response

100% absorbable

BioSeed®-C gradually dissolves within 6 months. It leaves no residue and is completely replaced by new cartilage tissue

100% stable

Thanks to its consistency BioSeed®-C offers maximum form stability and mechanical resistance, in contrast to many other collagen or gel-like grafts

Since cartilage transplantation is a standard treatment method, the clinical centers generally cover the product costs. Exceptions cannot be ruled out.