The benefits of BioSeed®-C in the treatment of cartilage injuries.

Treatment with BioSeed®-C

BioSeed®-C is a development of ACI (see conventional treatment methods) and is based on the many years of experience gained in the field of tissue regeneration. Instead of a fluid containing chondrocytes, the procedure here entails an autologous 3-dimensional cell graft. It consists of the patient’s own chondrocytes (cartilage cells) which are embedded in a resorbable (degradable by the body) fleece together with a biological “glue”.

BioSeed®-C comes pre-formed from the high-tech laboratory. During the operation, it is cut to the desired size and then anchored into the defect using a special fixation technique.

After a time, BioSeed®-C replaces the missing tissue and can virtually restore its original function. During this process, cartilage tissue very similar to original articular cartilage is formed. Usually, the affected joint can then be used as normal.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Scientifically proven by preclinical and clinical studies
  • BioSeed®-C is completely resorbable. It gradually dissolves within 6 months and is completely replaced by newly formed tissue
  • Due to the manufacturing process, the cells are evenly distributed in the graft and consequently in the defect
  • BioSeed®-C has mechanical stability. Thanks to the special fixation technique, it is solidly anchored in the defect and cannot work loose
  • Arthroscopic transplantation (using keyhole surgery) is possible
  • An additional operation is not required, no periosteum needs to be removed as in other treatment methods
  • Reduced surgery times
  • Faster healing is possible than with other autologous chondrocyte grafts
  • More than 3,000 patients have been treated successfully all over the world