Stay in the game:
With chondrotissue® – the treatment for cartilage injuries in the knee, ankle, and hip.

Treatment with chondrotissue®

chondrotissue® combines the promising results of established orthopedic methods with the most advanced technological findings. A previous cartilage biopsy (as for ACI) is not required since chondrotissue® uses the on-site biological differentiation potential of mesenchymal stem cells.

One routine orthopedic method to gain stem cells consists of performing marrow stimulating techniques, such as microfracturing or Pridie drilling. These techniques make little holes in the underlying bone to cause artificial bleeding and access to the bone marrow. The marrow is rich in stem cells.

This standard technique alone is quick and cost-effective, but does not offer encouraging long-term results. The tissue formed is of poor quality, without the function and resistance of the original cartilage tissue. Blood dispersion in the joint may cause inflammation. Furthermore, shear forces and weight loads prevent the cells from shaping a homogeneous, stable tissue.

chondrotissue® offers immediate protection of the bleeding bone in order to prevent stem cells from dispersing in the joint. At the same time it provides a structure which stimulates the stem cell regeneration potential. Stem cells can thus migrate into the three-dimensional scaffold and replace the missing tissue.

Advantages of chondrotissue® at a glance

  • One-step procedure. No previous biopsy is required.
  • Arthroscopic transplantation (using keyhole surgery) is possible
  • Reduced surgery times
  • Better mechanical stability of the graft
  • Complete resorbtion of the carrier material within 3-4 months and replacement with newly formed tissue.