This innovative field of modern biomedical technology provides therapies for reconstructing damaged tissues or organs. BioTissue has been focusing on two fields of regenerative medicine in order to provide orthobiological solutions for cartilage defects:

Tissue Engineering

using patient own cultured cells in combination with optimal scaffold materials: BioSeed®-C is the achievement of the BioTissue activities in the field of tissue engineering: the first easy-to-use autologous chondrocyte 3D graft with unique shape and initial stability allowing for stable subchondral fixation. Excellent clinical data for treatment of ostheoarthritis. Proofed with 4 years follow-up study.

Guided tissue regeneration

by using intelligent matrix materials to trigger body own regeneration capacity of local mesenchymal stem cells. chondrotissue® is the first intelligent matrix product of BioTissue: one-step cell-free stable 3D scaffold, supporting the marrow stimulating process after microfracturing.